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We stock the two most used adhesives for wooden aircraft construction. Aerolite 306 and what used to be called Aerodux, Prefere 4050 Resin and Prefere 5750 Hardener.

Aerolite 306

Aerolite 306 powder urea-formaldehyde resin, used with Prefere 5325 liquid adhesive hardener (formerly known as GBPX) provides a gap filling, water resistant adhesive which is highly resistant to mould, fungi etc. Aerolite 306 with Prefere 5325 conforms to BS 1204: Parts 1&2 (Type MR)

Aircraft Adhesive Aerolite 306 and Prefere 5325  Aircraft Adhesive Aerolite 306 and Prefere 5325  


Sizes available

Twinkit 250g powder and 125g 5325 hardener 400g
Aerolite 306 powder 1kg
Prefere 5325/5326 hardener 1kg

Prefere 4050 Resin and 5750 Hardener (formerly known as Aerodux)

4050 is mixed 1:1 with 5750 to provide a phenol resorcinol adhesive which is fully weatherproof and resistant to acids, weak alkalis, boiling water and solvents.

Due to the manufacturer experiencing some difficulties with shelf life of the "fast" resin, it has been withdrawn. We now only stock the medium resin.

The choice of many homebuilders, it is excellent for all wooden structures and especially laminations including propellers.

Aircraft Adhesive Aerolite 306

Sizes available

4050 M Resin 1kg
5750 Hardener


Please note that adhesives contain hazardous chemicals and thus are subject to carriage constraints. Please contact us for a quote.


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