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Balsa Wood

Balsa is a lightweight, traditional yet versatile material ideal for forming tube fairings, wing and tailplane tips and non structural fillets etc. If you happen to be building a replica DH Mosquito you will need quite a lot of it.

The following sizes are stocked, other sizes may be available to order depending on the quantity required.



Balsa Wood

Typical sizes

18mm x 15mm x 800mm  
38mm x 19mm x 1000mm  
50mm x 25mm x 1000mm  
50mm x 33mm x 1000mm  
100mm x 50mm x 1200mm  
120mm x 50mm x 2400mm  



Semi-finished Balsa Wood

Baulks of unfinished balsa wood are available in varying sizes between 80~100mm x 40~50mm in lengths around 2400~2570mm (often purchased by people building balsa cored surf boards). The planed faces are perpendicular to the smallest dimension (thickness). Please contact us for a list of currently available sizes and prices.


Carriage may be a problem with this material depending on the size ordered. Please contact us for a quote.



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