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Is it a boat?
                  Is it a boat?

The usual method for purchasing ply, glue or tools is that if you let us know your requirements, by phone, by email, or via the website (the Contact Us page), and we will email a quote. Please do check the quote carefully to ensure we have captured your requirements accurately. Note when ordering timber that there are some costs that are involved that are constants whether it is, for example, one piece of 2� x 1� x 36� or twenty pieces.


Please note that this is a very small venture so we do not run a credit account system, and only accept an order with payment. Payment can be made by cheque or by bank transfer. Details are provided on the quote when emailed. Please remember to write the Quote Number on the back of the cheque to ensure we can match up your cheque to the correct quote, or if paying by bank transfer, please include the Quote Number in the �reference� line of the transfer request to your bank.


Terms of Business

Our full terms of business are coming soon.

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Contact: Tim Wood, Aircraft Plywood and Timber LLP
t/a Swindon Aircraft Timber Company
Tel: +44(0) 1454 317877 Mob: 07792 412 659 E-mail: tim@aircraftplywoodandtimber.co.uk