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Up to full sheets of Birch ply (50”x50”) can be delivered, but only up to half sheets (48”x48”) of Okoume and Gaboon ply can be delivered. Full sheets of Okoume and Gaboon can be collected.


Usually, quarter sheets are square (635x635mm), but we can sometimes provide “long” quarter sheets (1270 x 315mm), so if you need the length of a sheet but only a quarter width, do ask and we will try to accommodate.


The weights are indicated on the ply pages and allow you to calculate the weight of your order. The ply sheets are packed between flat sheets of cardboard that are wrapped around the four edges for protection. The total weight of the cardboard on its own is 2.5Kg.


Each plywood package dispatched attracts a minimum £20.00 carriage charge (up to 10kg). Heavier packages can be sent at higher cost, please ask for quote. Please note this is a minimum cost for plywood packages (mainly due to their size), and this minimum applies to UK Mainland (England, Wales, Scottish Lowlands) only; Highlands & Islands & Northern Ireland will be more expensive. An example of a normal package would be 3 sheets of 1.0mm, 2 sheets of 1.5mm and 1 sheet of 3.0mm gives a plywood weight of 11.2Kg plus 2.5Kg packing = a total of 13.7Kg. A few more sheets could be added into this packing for small extra cost but after that another package would be necessary.


There is no problem in sending a single sheet but if it is less than 2.5mm thick a surcharge will be added to cover the cost of extra packaging. Please note that adhesives contain hazardous chemicals and thus are subject to more carriage constraints which effectively limits carriage to UK Mainland only. However, the smaller parcel size means it can often be sent on its own at a lower cost than a plywood shipment. Please contact us for a quote.



If you are collecting (necessary for 8’x4’ sheets), a cheque or cash at the time is fine. We are located near Bristol, a few miles from the M4/M5 interchange, around ten minutes drive from either the M4 or the M5.



Dud's Robin DR400 is built using the same Okoume Plywood available from Swindon Aircraft Timber Company
Dud's Robin DR400 is built using the same Okoume Plywood available from Swindon Aircraft Timber Company.
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