Swindon Aircraft Plywood and Timber

Spruce and Douglas Fir

We now hold some stock of Douglas Fir and also Aero grade Sitka Spruce.


If you have a requirement, please let us know what you need and we will endeavour to supply suitable timber to you, whether you are seeking baulks to cut & finish in your own workshop, or if you are seeking timber to finished sizes. We can offer a timber machining service for materials supplied by us to your cutting list.


Please note that if you are seeking timber to finished sizes please ensure that you indicate the minimum length of pieces as well as your total length requirements (i.e. 100ft of inch square timber could be provided as 20 pieces each five foot (60) long, which would be useless if the shortest part had to be at least 61 long). Bear in mind also that the longer the length required, the more difficult to obtain and thus the higher the cost, so please be as precise as you can.


Contact: Tim Wood, Aircraft Plywood and Timber LLP
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