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Birch Plywood

Finnish Birch Plywood is used in the construction of many aircraft designs.  The GL1 specification of Germanischer Lloyd is extremely high. The plywood tested by Germanischer Lloyd, and provided with his stamps since 1931, has gained an enviable reputation on the international market.

However, the GL1 certification process has become extremely expensive which has given rise to an alternative certification, SATCo.

SATCo Grade A and B plywood is manufactured by a mill well versed in producing top quality aircraft plywood that is able to meet the GL1 specification. The sheets are tested in accordance with a protocol agreed with the engineering department of the Light Aircraft Association (LAA).  The LAA accept SATCo approved birch plywood as an alternative to GL1 plywood.


SATCo Birch Plywood 1270 x 1270mm (50" x 50") sheets

0.6mm 3 ply 0.7Kg  
0.8mm 3 ply 0.9Kg  
1.0mm 3 ply 1.4Kg  
1.2mm 3 ply 1.7Kg  
1.5mm 3 ply 1.8Kg  
1.5mm 5 ply 1.8Kg  
2.0mm 4 ply 2.3Kg  
2.0mm 5 ply 2.4Kg  
2.5mm 5 ply 2.8Kg  
3.0mm 6 ply 3.4Kg  
4.0mm 8 ply 4.5Kg  
5.0mm 10 ply 5.7Kg  
6.0mm 12 ply 6.8Kg  


2.0mm 3 ply is no longer available


Quarter sheets are usually square (635x635mm).

The weights shown are the weight of a full sheet, and allow you to calculate the weight of your order. The ply sheets are packed between flat sheets of cardboard. The total weight of the cardboard is 2.5Kg.



 Birch Plywood

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