Swindon Aircraft Plywood and Timber

Permagrit tools

We have selected a small range of the most relevant Permagrit tungsten carbide tools for constructing wooden aircraft.

Initially the price of these items will take your breath away, mild panic may even set in, but once you have gritted your teeth and taken the plunge we guarantee that you will never regret it.

If the tools are used for clean timber and ply, i.e. with no uncured adhesive/varnish etc present, they will give good service for a very long time.


F102 Flat File Full Length Coarse £8.30 F102 Permagrit tool
R202C Round File 18mm dia Coarse £10.00 R202C Permagrit tool
R203C Round File 12mm dia Coarse £8.60 R203C Permagrit tool
SB280 Sanding Block 280mm x 51mm £26.00 SB280 Permagrit tool
WB140 Wedge Sanding Block 140mm x 51mm £17.00 WB140 Permagrit tool
LNFHAND Large Needle File Hand £8.50 Large Needle File Hand Permagrit tool
LNFROUND Large Needle File Round £8.50 Large Needle File Round Permagrit tool


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