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Okoume Plywood

The same company that produces the plywood for the Apex/Robin aircraft company in France manufactures this plywood. It conforms to the specifications NFL 18-130 April 1995 (French Aircraft plywood Norm) and BS 1088-2003 (Marine plywood Norm).

The LAA allow Mahogany Plywood to be substituted with Okoume, also Gaboon.

Okoume Plywood 2520 x 1260mm (99" x 49.5") sheets

All prices are VAT paid

    Full sheet   Half sheet  
1.2mm 3 ply NA*   1.0Kg  
1.6mm 3 ply NA*   1.1Kg  
2.0mm 3 ply NA*   1.8Kg  
2.5mm 3 ply NA*   2.2Kg  
3.0mm 3 ply NA*   2.5Kg  
3.0mm 5 ply NA*   2.6Kg  


Duds Fury made with Birch Plywood

*Please note Full sheets are for collection only.


Half sheets are delivered by carrier in the same way that the Birch plywood sheets are.


Please see the example for carriage on the Prices page.


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